kim kardashian to appear in playboy

I don’t remember the last time I looked at a Playboy mag, true story.  I used to have an old stack of them from the 80’s that I inherited from a friend of a friend of a friend when I was in high school.  Included in that collection were a few Pam Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith (when she was a voluptuous vixen) and Carmen Electra pictorials.  Other than that, it was nothing special (lots of hair, if you know what I mean).

However, when the December ’07 issue comes out, you bet your ass I will be at a NY newsstand buying it.  The news was originally leaked to me via EJ, my trustee Kardashian news source.  This was his press release: “Kardashian will officially pose nude for the December 2007 edition of Playboy. The announcement was made on September 22, 2007 on E! that she is trying to bring brunettes back to the magazine. She is also going over the pictures with Hugh Hefner in between September and November before it hits shelves in early November.”



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