pinkberry gets funding


My favorite “fro-yo” spot, Pinkberry, announced they just raised $27.5 million in a first round of funding from the venture capital firm Maveron. One of Maveron’s previous investments includes eBay, on which they gained almost $148 milllion.

You will rarely see anything like the cult-like following that Pinkberry has been able to achieve. Every so often you will see lines stretching down the block, full of zombie-like “fro-yo” fanatics waiting to sink their teeth into the sour yogurt (comes in plain and green tea). So far the chain only has 32 stores spread around LA and NYC… but you should expect that number to jump very soon.

A competitor recently popped up in my neighborhood, and I already forgot the name of the place. Not because it wasn’t good, but because it is EXACTLY THE SAME AS PINKBERRY. When I went in this place for the first time I made a comment that sounded something like, “Wow, this is exactly like Pinkberry,” which made the smile on the employee’s face quickly transform into a frown. He said something that sounded like, “No, we do bla-bla different and this bla-bla is different.” Not quite buddy… Pinkberry is here to stay. Viva Pinkberry!

Best dessert in the city (my opinion and in no particular order):
-Magnolia Cupcakes
-Shake Shack shakes
-Serendipity (everything)
-Rice 2 Riches


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