Torre says no thanks

Today Joe Torre turned down a $5 million, 1-year extension on his contract. Depending on the Yankees performance in 2008, the contract could have been worth as much as $8 million. If the Yankees were to make it to the World Series in 2008, an option to extend his contract to 2009 was also on the table. Current front-runners are Don Mattingly (current bench coach and Yankee legend) and Joe Girardi (current Yankees announcer and NL Manager of the Year with the Marlins). I think either of those 2 will make a great replacement for Joe.

This took me a bit by surprise, considering everything was pointing to Torre being fired after the Yankees 3rd consecutive 1st round exit in the playoffs. I guess Joe didn’t want to deal with the drama anymore. There are few jobs in sports that are as stressful as the Yankees skipper, and Torre has done pretty damn well with the highest payroll in baseball.

I think Torre should be a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee. His numbers with the Yanks in the past 12 years are pretty impressive:


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