when it rains it pours: ronnie brown out for season


So apparently things CAN get worse this season for the Dolphins. Yesterday during the JV vs Varsity game … ahem, I mean the Fins vs the Pats game, stud RB Ronnie Brown hurt his knee trying to make a tackle. WTF are you trying to tackle dummies for, Ronnie? Don’t you know that’s how dummies get hurt? Damn it, Ronnie. So, just like that, the only bright spot that we had this season is out for the season with a torn ACL. He will be having surgery within the next 1-2 weeks. Brown was on pace for his first ever 2,000 yard season and already matched his career high with 5 TDs on the season. I know that doesn’t translate to wins, but at least it gave us SOMETHING to cheer about. Coach Cam Cameron (never trust a guy with 2 first names) said, You don’t replace a Ronnie Brown. He was having a Pro Bowl season. He’s committed to getting this taken care of and coming back stronger.”

OH YEAH, I almost forgot. We also lost starting safety Renaldo Hill to a torn ACL yesterday. I blame that one on Randy Moss.

AND Zach Thomas and his wife Maritza were involved in a car accident on the turnpike after the game yesterday. Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the accident. Although with the shit luck the Fins have had so far, I am surprised that Zach’s Benz didn’t accidentally run over a bunch of cute ducklings trying to cross the street or maybe even hit a puppy.

The last and only team to ever go winless in an NFL season was the Tampa Bay Bucs in their inaugural season… make room Bucaroos, here come the ’07 Dolphins!


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