Big jason taylor


Picture courtesy of the folks at Deadspin:

Big Jason Taylor (or Big JT for short) is a giant waste of time, money, effort and hours of sleep from the countless nightmares that are sure to ensue. This is some freaky shit, and just in time for Halloween. Here are Big JT’s vitals, courtesy of

  • Standing at 26ft tall – Big JT is almost the height of two double decker buses stacked on top of each other (the real-life Jason Taylor is 6’6 and weighs 255 lb). It is the biggest structure of its kind ever built.
  • The animatronic has moveable feet and arms and travels at 4-5mph – a single Big JT footstep covers nearly 2.5m
  • 150 square metres (equivalent of half a football pitch) of fabric has been used to create the biggest-ever authentic football jersey shirt and trousers for Big JT. The fabric and specifications used on his kit are exactly the same used on the official NFL team uniforms.
  • Each of his custom made boots are 6ft long and contain laces measuring 6.5m in length
  • The oversized football the animatronic holds is twenty-five times bigger than an official ball
  • Each of the animatronics eyeballs are the size of a large grapefruit
  • Big JT’s handspan is larger than a doorway
  • A specially adapted camera is fitted to the helmet of Big JT and is programmed to transmit images of what Jason ‘sees’ onto a 40ft LED screen which travels behind him. Big JT also reacts to footage of himself and team mates played on the screen – cheering touchdowns and tough tackles.

This video clip shows Big JT’s facial expresssions, as well as a short interview with Alistair Kirkwood, the NFL UK managing director (why does this job even need to exist). According to the NFL London website, Big JT took “just under 10 weeks to construct” by the award-winning SFX team Artem Ltd. In the video clip, you may notice that Mr. Kirkwood mentions they have been working on Big JT for about 5 months… am I missing something here? 10 weeks or 5 months… which is it?

In another video clip, you can see Big JT slowly stomping through Trafalgar Square, much to the delight (or absolute fright) of the crowd. Big JT will be taking some kind of a mystery tour of London, making stops at “several iconic venues” and a tailgate party, starring our very own (and very hot) Dolphins Cheerleaders before the game (match) on Sunday.

I can see him freaking out and trying to take out Big Ben… that would be a spectacle.
The best part of all the coverage Big JT has received is the comments from the witty readers of Deadspin (you can read the original post here). Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Robotic Jason Taylor has been offered a role in Transformers 2.
  • That thing is fucking terrifying. Least they could have done was have it run off a wall socket with a 6-foot extension cord so it couldn’t chase anybody.
  • That thing looks about as mobiloe as the Dolphins actual D.
  • This is a very big improvement over Animatronic Trent Green, who just lay there drooling with his eyes rolled back in his head.
  • They also made a giant Trent Green robot…which is now under repair as it somehow gained autonomy and tried to throw a block on the London Bridge with its head.
  • The world has this but New Orleans still looks like shite. Perfect.
  • “Remarkably, this feat of engineering has taken just under 10 weeks to construct”
    I believe the current Dolphins were put together in less time.
  • France immediately surrendered at the sight of this new, terrifying weapon.
  • I wonder how many babies that thing can eat before its full.
  • The giant Micheal Strahan was immediately popular, as it made the British feel great about their teeth.

And my favorite…

  • If no one tell Ricky Williams that every one else sees it too, this could be awesome.



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