Ricky Davis aka “Ludarick” interview


Courtesy of NBA.com:

After eight years away, Ricky Davis is back in a HEAT uniform. HEAT Insider sat down with the recently acquired swingman as he talked about settling in with his new team, maturing as a person and asking to play for Pat Riley.

HEAT Insider: Are you settling in with your new team now that you have been here for a couple of days?

Ricky Davis: “Definitely. I’m getting myself into gear and preparing for the season. Everyday in practice I get more and more comfortable with my team and how things are run here with the HEAT. It’s an exciting process to be a part of.”

HI: What’s the difference between you during your first stint with Miami and now?

RD: “I was 20 at the time. Now, I have eight more years of NBA experience on the floor. When I first got here, I may have played 80 games in the NBA. I have a couple of games under my belt and more experience. I’ve gone to a couple of playoffs too, so hopefully those eight years will help me on the court.”

HI: Maturity-wise, would you say you are a different person?

RD: “Definitely. I have three kids now, so I’m no longer a kid myself. Being a father matures you both on and off the court, and it keeps you professional.”

HI: Do you feel you have to carry an offensive load while Dwyane Wade is recovering from off-season surgeries?

RD: “Not really. I’m just going to come in and be energetic like I usually am. I’m going to play my game. I’m not going to get worried about doing certain things because that’s when mistakes are made. I’m going to come out and play my game and adjust to the players that we have here.”

HI: Were you happy that you were traded to Miami?

RD: “I’m thrilled. It was a great trade for me and I couldn’t be put in a better situation. I couldn’t be here at a greater time. Miami has always been a place I loved. I’m glad to be back.”

HI: When you were with another team, did you really tell Pat Riley that you wanted to come back and play for him?

RD: “Yes, I did. I didn’t think it was going to happen. He’s one of the greatest coaches ever to have coached the game. It’s an honor to be here and an honor to play for a coach like Pat Riley.”


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