YESSSSS!!! Annnnnndddd, the foul!

I have never been more excited to hear Marv Albert’s voice. My favorite time of the year is officially amongst us… the weather is fair, NFL season is in full swing, NHL is starting to get exciting, and the NBA season is officially kicking off tonight.

Tonight has 3 games on the docket:
Portland @ San Antonio
Houston @ LA Lakers
Utah @ Golden State

(Blazers vs Spurs & Rockets vs Lakers are both on TNT)

As for my Heat, this season should be interesting. Again it all rests (literally) on the shoulder of Dwayne Wade, who is still (in my opinion) the best player in the NBA. Nobody is more exciting to watch then D. Let’s see how that shoulder holds up. We also have to see how Shaq Diesel aka “The Big Aristotle” holds up… he’s not getting any younger. With the addition of a solid starter in Ricky Davis and supporting cast like Mark Blount, Smush Parker and Penny Hardaway, the Heat seem poised to make a run for the Playoffs. Unfortunately I don’t think we will make it out of the first round this season, even if D and Shaq stay healthy. The East looks good this season, with solid contenders in the Bulls, Celtics, Pistons and last year’s conference champs the Cavs. I am picking the Bulls this year to take the East, winning a hard-fought 7 game Eastern Conference Finals with the Celtics, reliving the old Bulls-Celtics rivalry when Bird and Jordan were studs.


In the West, I like the Spurs to repeat. I know it’s boring, but they are the same team as last year and show no weaknesses at all. Phoenix, who is a much more sexy and fun team, will give them a run for their money, but will not be able to take 4 games from them. I also like Houston and Dallas to make strong runs in the West, but ultimately it will be the Suns vs Spurs in 6 or 7 game battle in the Western Conference Finals. The strength of the Western Conference just proves the old saying about Texas that there has to be something in the water down there, with 3 of the 4 best teams in the league hailing from the Lonestar State (Spurs, Mavs, Rockets).


I also have 2 different fantasy bball leagues going… 1 random and 1 with some friends from back home. Here are the 2 squads:

Random Yahoo League-Wade County (12 teams):
Joe Johnson
Josh Smith
Dwayne Wade
Jason Richardson
Shane Battier
Drew Gooden
Mike Dunleavy
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Brad Miller
Jarret Jack
Ruben Patterson
Earl Watson
Luke Walton

Coral Springs Hoops-Rozensplats (8 teams):
Chauncey Billups
Joe Johnson
Andre Iguadola
Kevin Garnett
Yao Ming
Brandon Roy
Corey Maggette
LaMarcus Aldridge
Monta Ellis
David West
Danny Granger
Andrea Bargnani
Brad Miller

I am feeling confident about a top-3 finish for Rozensplats and a top-5 finish for Wade County.


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