Like seeing an ex with her new boyfriend


In case you have been living under a rock, all the Torre rumors were true. Joe is now the skipper of the LA Dodgers, and he actually looks pretty damn good in a Dodger Blue. I still can’t help but feel shitty about this whole situation… the Yanks did Joe wrong. I hope that the Dodgers have a tremendous season and tear up the NL, only to validate Joe’s abilities as one of the top managers in MLB history. He also has a familiar supporting cast after Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa decided to follow him to the West Coast; Mattingly as hitting coach, Bowa as bench coach (or possibly 3rd base coach). It was an awkward moment for Torre as he stood wearing Dodger Blue for the first time. Torre, grew up in Brooklyn but rooted for the New York Giants, the bitter rival of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

In more shitty Yankees news:

Pettitte declines $16 million option with Yankees

Also, reports that A-Rod and his douchebag agent, Scott Boras, are meeting with Mets GM Omar Minaya today. Honestly at this point, whatever team is willing to deal with the $35 million price tag that A-Rod is demanding is insane. That is the equivalent of 4 solid players… or 2 shitty MLB franchises. I am glad the Yanks are not going to end up with him at this point… we need to build a team around our young studs. We are getting rid of the most raw baseball talent we have ever seen, but also the biggest headache, attention grabber, distraction, playoff choke artist, etc. in MLB. I have a good feeling about next season.


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