Steelers are officially my 2nd favorite team

Ever since I got harrassed for a solid 4 hours during last year’s opening game at Scruffy Duffy’s in Hell’s Kitchen (best wings in Manhattan), I decided that the Steelers are my 2nd favorite team in the NFL (behind the Fins obviously). It just happened to be their first game in defense of their SuperBowl title, and they happened to be playing the Dolphins, and Scruffy Duffy’s happened to be a hardcore Steelers bar, and I just happened to be wearing a Ricky Williams jersey. I was also outnumbered 400-1, or at least that’s what it seemed like. What sold me on the ‘Lers, you ask? Their team song is the best in the NFL… I present to you, Here we go steelers! (warning, it’s ridiculously catchy).

In comparison, here is the Dolphins team song (which I love, but sounds like a shitty kid’s song).

They also have really cool looking alternate jerseys, which they wore last night while beating the crap out of the Ravens 38-7.


And they tackle the opposing team’s fans…


Reality is they aren’t coming out of the AFC alive due to the dominance of the Colts and Pats, but they will definitely be making things very interesting come January. Go ‘Lers!


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