$5 milkshake? How about a $25,000 sundae?


Serendipity just made it into the Guinness World Records with the most expensive dessert, the “Frrrozen Haute Chocolate” worth a cool $25k. The sundae is a “mix of cocoas and milk frozen to a slushylike consistency” topped with 5 grams of 24-carat gold, whipped cream, and garnished with the most expensive chocolate in the world… La Madeline au Truffe. It’s all served a in a goblet surrounded with a gold crown dressed with diamonds. And of course you’re not going to sit your fat, rich ass down to eat this baby with a plastic spoon… that baby’s is made of gold. No silver spoons here, Ricky Schroeder. It takes 2 weeks to get one if you are interested… none have been sold yet.


At first, I wanted to go on a rant about how ridiculous this was. Sure, it’s wrong for so many reasons. Then I realized that this was just brilliant PR. In all reality, I doubt any of these will sell.

There were mixed reviews about the news of the $25k dessert from readers of NYTimes.com.

Here are a couple of gems:

The Angry
“I’m sorry, but in a world where a significant portion of the population (not to mention 20% of the American population) goes to bed hungry at night, that is a disgusting, profligate embarrassment. $25,000 would immunize and feed several African villages for a year, probably more.”
“Anyone who buys one of these things should be killed.”
“Put this article next to some photos of starving people around the world, and its obscenity becomes very clear.”
“A $25,000 dessert will be remembered against us as outdoing even the epic gluttony of Rome. It is enormously vulgar, unspeakably crass. The world will look at us and throw up.”
“Shame on it’s creator, and shame on anyone who purchases it”

The Rational
“They got press, a world record, and very inexpensive recognition.”
“Pure PR and it worked!”
“It does make a handsome 5k tip for the waiter though (assuming the person’s decent enough to pay 20%)”
“Of course this is horrifically vulgar, but that’s not the point–this is a publicity ploy. They haven’t sold one and probably never will, but even if they did sell one or two or ten, it’s irrelevant.”
“About the questions on eating gold, gold is actually completely organically inert. ”

The Curious
“Putting aside the ostentatious display of wealth, can it be healthy to ingest that much gold?”
“Why doesn’t the restaurant donate the proceeds of the dessert (less the nominal cost) to a famine fighting charity?”

The Funny
“What a perfect way to class up the sewer system.”
“I wonder how long it will take to see knockoff sundaes on Canal St.”
“Think about later that night… you will have the most expensive piece of shit ever.”
“Seriously, we put GOLD and DIAMONDS on our food. We literally have wealth coming out of our a$$.”

“Well obviously it’s not for you Americans, dumb-dumbs.
It’s for Europeans like me visiting their real-estate investments in your shiny flagship city.
With the Euro the way it is these days and with my health care taken care of –and other social goodies– while I may be just a stock boy at a Parisian Zara, this desert will only felt by my correctly proportioned stomach and not my fat wallet.
Silly Americans, you work so, so hard… and for what? To watch through the window socialists like me eat your cake?”

The timing has never been more appropriate to bring this out:


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