This year, DON’T celebrate Buy Nothing Day


Buy Nothing Day started in Vancouver back in 1992 by Canadian artist Ted Dave, and promoted by Canadian magazine Adbusters.  It is an informal day of protest by social activists against consumerism and falls on the same day as Black Friday.  Adbusters has managed to advertise BND on CNN in North America, and is now “observed” in more than 65 nations.  Adbusters states that BND is more than just changing buying habits for one particular day, but more about making a lifestyle change and commitment consume less and produce less waste.


Sounds like a cool concept at any other time, but our economy is shit right now… so go out and spend all the money you have!  Go wait on line for 35 hours to be the first in line at Best Buy to buy a $400 Sony laptop!  Go buy a Zune at Toys R Us for $80!  Get your Wii, your PS3, your XBox 360, your Guitar Hero 3, your Tickle Me Elmo, your iPhones  and iPods.  Go out and support capitalism, your country needs you!  Oh, and be sure to offer directions to any friendly Europeans with fat pockets that you see.  They are here to help.


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