My latest rants on Apple


Courtesy of the latest issue of Fast Company:

  • Over the past year sales up 24%, earnings up 75%, margins topping 30%, stock price up 146%   (still think it’s CRAZY overvalued but that’s a different story)
  • Market share in personal  computers in US are 8% this past quarter; now 3rd behind Dell and HP (only 2% a few years ago)
  • Market cap now worth $160 billion; 18 months ago it was $60 billion; the $100 billion increase alone is equal to combined value of Motorola and Sprint-Nextel

Apple knows that everyone is going to be coming after them now that they are basically taking a dump on everyone’s doorsteps.  Take a look at their 3 business legs: iPods and iTunes are a $10 billion  business line, as is the Mac line and it took  less than 3 months to sell their 1 millionth iPhone (sales definitely jumped after the infamous price drop).  Even though AppleTV sales are horrible, Apple is still putting a lot of faith that it will become their 4th leg (thus making them a really profitable quadruped).   Apple is still  waiting for people to adapt to AppleTV or find some practicality in it.  I still don’t see the value in it, but based on my loyalty and borderline obsession with Apple products I may end up getting one.

On a side note, there is a monstrous new Apple Store opening up in the Meatpacking District (14th and 9th) tomorrow night at 6PM, making it the 3rd store to open in NY (5th Ave. and Soho).   I walked by the building under construction a few weeks ago before I had any idea what it was and was curious what would be popping up there… then I walked by again 2 days ago after eating at Vento for a friend’s bday (you have to try the Chicken Milanese, holy shit) and there were little geniuses running around like elves in Santa’s workshop.


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