Couldn’t have said it better myself

Courtesy of the artist formerly known as Fat Pat… now just regular Pat.

Subject: Sports Depression

well, i just got done with another typical week in the life of a south florida sports fan.

Some of the highlights include (but are not limited to):
-The Dolphins stunning performance against the mother fuckin J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS…..I think the only reason that cam cameron hasn’t up and left south florida is because we played a cruel joke on him and painted a goal line at the dade-broward line…he obviously doesn’t know how to cross the goal line, so here he will remain.

-The Heat capped off another impressive week by blowing an 18 point lead in the second half to the golden state warriors. Actually, this tied their season high losing streak at 5 games, and they have played three of the worst defensive 4th quarters in franchise history this week….way to go shaq, time for the nursing home big guy….

-The Marlins continued their storied history by trading the last 2 remaining members of the 2003 world championship team. Enjoy Detroit Dontrelle, the police are much more forgiving up there for driving under the influence and pissing in the middle of a major road…..the only high point of this trade is that now miguel cabrera won’t outweigh the majority of the female fans of the home crowd….god i hate detroit…

Evidence of my displeasure:

Dolphins: 0-12 (undoubtebly on their way to losing infamy of 0-16)
Heat: 4-15 (last in the SE conference)
Canes: 5-7 (2nd to last in the coastal of the ACC)
Marlins:71-91 (dead last in the eastern division of the NL)
Panthers: 13-15 (2nd to last in the SE division….even our hockey team sucks….)

So, in conclusion, I am nothing more than a case of domestic abuse. i get the shit kicked out of me, and keep coming back for more….

I guess it could be worse, I could live in Buffalo (almost as bad as detroit)…

I’ll see you at the stadium on Sunday, I’ll be the one paying $40 for parking and $100 for a ticket. Hopefully my warm $8 beer will be enough to put out the flames.

(somebody put me out of my misery)



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